por la comunidad y no se han

por la comunidad y no se han realizado a escala industrial. "Hasta ahora la compañía está interesada en sagú sector es aún pequeño," dijo Bayu Khrisnamurti, viceministro de Comercio.

Entre un puñado de entusiastas en el sagú negocio, en el PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk y PT Sampoerna Agro Tbk. Las dos empresas que parecen trabajar seriamente en los jardines de sagú. último, Perum Perhutani también planea construir una planta de procesamiento de sagú en Sorong, Papua.

PT Sampoerna Agro sagú tiene un área de Indotophosting.com Hosting Unlimited dan Domain Murah Terbaik di Indonesiaconcesión de 21.000 hectáreas (ha) en Meranti, Riau. De la superficie terrestre, Sampoerna Agro sólo utilizan el área de plantaciones de sagú de 14.700 hectáreas o alrededor del 70%.
Sago es una planta que se originó a partir de las Molucas e Irian. Planta éste puede ser cultivada para servir como una mercancía comercial. He aquí la información sobre el cultivo de sagú lo fácil.
Técnicas de cultivo Sago

Hay varias técnicas de cultivo de sagú que tienes que hacer, uno es para hacer la selección de la tierra, el momento adecuado para crecer, la selección de semillas, siembra, cuidado y pemanenen. Al conocer las técnicas de cultivo más arriba, usted será capaz de mendapatkah sagú buenos resultados.

Para poder cultivar sagú así, usted debe plantar a una altitud de 700 m sobre el nivel del mar (msnm). Entonces la cantidad de lluvia durante la plantación de estas plantas se debe optimizar, es decir, entre 2000 y 4000 mm por año. También es necesario prestar atención a la temperatura, que es una buena temperatura para el crecimiento de estas plantas es 24 a 29 grados Celsius.
Método de plantación Sago

En primer lugar, la plantación de manera sagú que debe hacer es determinar el patrón de cultivo. Esto se puede hacer por la excavación de un agujero de una semana antes de la siembra, lo que tienes que hacer que el tamaño del agujero es 30x30x30cm. Después de hacer esto, usted puede sumergirse de inmediato dengkel en el agujero central. La base de dengkel usted se Betklik99 Agen Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014preparado anteriormente cubierto con tierra mezclada con turba. Este tipo de suelo es muy bueno para el crecimiento de sagú.

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common type of pool used in the cultivation of carp

A common type of pool used in the cultivation of carp , among others :

Parent storage pool

Pulau Pramuka    This pool is used to store the parent in preparing and maintaining a healthy egg maturation parent , a swimming pool land area of ​​approximately 10 square meters , kedalamam at least 50 cm and the density of the parent pool 20 females and 10 males.
b ) spawning pool
Swimming in the form of an extent of land 200/300 square meters and a density of 1 fish holding ponds require 2-10 square meters ( depending on the system spawning ) . The condition of the spawning pond
is the water temperature ranges between 24-28 degrees C ; 75-100 cm depth of water ; preferably sandy bottom . Place the egg in the form of means of engaging injuk or twigs .
c ) the maintenance of a seed pool / pond
Pond area is not more than 50-100 square meters . Pond water depth between 30-50 cm . Density should be 5-50 tail / square meter . Long maintenance in the pond / seedling between 3-4 weeks , when the seed 3-5 cm sized fish .
d ) an enlarged pool
Rearing ponds serve as a place to nurture and raise seed from the pond after . Sometimes this is necessary in the maintenance of some pool nets from 1.25 to 1.5 cm .
Pulau TidungThe number of spreading seeds should be no more than 10 fish / square meter .
e ) Parking / place Pemberokan
Is where the fish cleaning prior to shipping
As a way of making the pool are as follows :

Measure the ground 10 x 10 m ( 100 m2 ) .
b ) Make pematangnya with size ; the top width of 0.5 m , the bottom 1 m and 1 m high .
c ) Install pipe / big bamboo water for income and expenditure . Set high and low , so you can easily insert and remove the water .
d ) ground Cangkullah bottom stem so loose , then flattened out again . Ground will be soft after irrigated , so the holes will be covered soil , and water does not leak out as a result of the pores . Bottom of the pool sloped toward the water exit .
e ) Make a line in the middle of the parent pool , the water extending from the entrance to the exit . The channel width of 0.5 m and depth of 15 cm .
f ) Dry the parent pool with 2 bags of manure that is spread evenly , then the water entered . Let stand for 1 week , so fertilizer destroyed and seep into the ground and forming moss , as well as test that tidask pool leak . 0.75-1 m high water .

The tools commonly used in carp hatchery operations include : nets , waring ( anco ) , hapa ( box of net / nets to accommodate temporary parent or seed ) , seser , buckets , basins of various sizes , small scales ( grams ) and large ( Kg ) , hoes , sickles , knives and plates secchi ( secchi disc ) to measure turbidity levels .

While other equipment
Pulau Pari used to harvest / catch carp , among others, are warring / scoopnet smooth , sieve panglembangan 100 cm diameter , 5 cm diameter sieve penandean , a place to store fish , kemplung cages , cages kupyak , fish bus ( for transporting fish at close range ) , kekaban ( attachment to place eggs that are attached ) , hapa tricote of fabric ( for hatching eggs in a controlled manner ) or sometimes for catching seeds , sieve penyabetan of aluminum / bamboo , oblok / delok ( for transporting seeds ) , sirib ( to catch the seed size of 10 cm or more) , anco / Hanco ( to catch fish ) , lambit of nylon net ( to catch fish consumption ) , scoopnet ( to catch fish seeds one week old and above ) ,
seser ( point = scoopnet , but it was bigger ) , a quadrangular nets ( for catching fish or fish consumption parent ) .

6.2 . Nurseries

Parent elections

The characteristics of a good parent carp are as follows :

Has the properties of rapid growth .
b ) normal body shape ( ratio of length and ideal body weight ) .
c ) a relatively small head size
d ) The composition of the scales on a regular , smooth , bright and shiny colors and no injuries .
e ) normal and agile movement .
f ) Form sepertipisang beautiful lips , small mouth and no goatee .
g ) Aged between 2-5 years .

The distinguishing characteristics of the male parent and female parent are as follows :

- Forehead meninjol .
- Basic pectoral fin blackish dark light .
- Brownish white chin .
- If placed on a flat spot just twitching tail .
- If the stomach does not secrete fluid distriping .
b ) Males
- Prominent forehead .
- Basic pectoral fins bright whiteness .
- Yellow chin .
- If placed on a flat spot tail will rise .
- If the stomach
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Tilapia fish is a fish for consumption that live in fresh water .

Tilapia fish is a fish for consumption that live in fresh water . Characteristics of flat-shaped body black , gray , or brown . This fish is called Mujair the first to find the cause of this fish is Mr Mujair in estuaries attack Blitar in East Java in 1939 .ituBola.com JUDI BOLA, AGEN BOLA, AGEN JUDI BOLA PIALA DUNIA Fish Mujair itself originates from African waters . Mujair fish growth is very fast , this is certainly very good for the cultivation of tilapia fish . But as an adult accelerated growth is reduced . Mujair fish can reach 40 cm in length . Mujair fish useful as animal protein supply . If you lack the land and minimal capital , you could try fish farming pond Mujair with tarp . If using ground pool , you need to pay attention to the location factor . Good location for tilapia fish ponds are as follows : 1 . Good land to build a fish pond is clay and not pivot . Why ? For this type of land can accommodate large water and does not leak . 2 . To make it easier for gravity irrigation pond in slope between 3-5 % . 3 . Tilapia fish can grow normally , if the location of the maintenance is at an altitude between 150-1000 m above sea level . 4 . Water must be clean , meaning no waste or toxic polluted and turbid . 5 . Perkambangan tilapia fish is very good if aira pool can continue to flow . It needs to be in line to back out of the water . 6 . Good water temperature ranges between 20-25 degrees C. Raising tilapia fish media Media Preparation In preparing this maintenance , you need to do is draining the pool for a few days , then liming to combat pests and wild fish as much as 25-200 grams / square meters , was given artificial fertilization in the form of fertilizers , namely urea and TSP each at a dose of 50-700 grams / square meter , can also be added in the form of artificial fertilizers urea and TSP each at a dose of 15 grams and 10 grams / square meter . Fertilization is not just plants that need fertilizing , busisaya tilapia fish also need fertilizing . Fertilizing an aim to increase productivity and ponds , that is by stimulating the growth of natural foods as much as possible . Fertilizer used is manure or green manure at a dose 50-700 g / m² Feed for Enlargement If produkivitas and fertility level of the pond was on the wane , it could be given additional food with the following composition : 25 % fish meal , copra meal 10 % and fine bran at 65% . The composition of the rations used in the cultivation of fish munjair commercially . Can also be given food in the form of pellets that protein yield of 20-30 % at a dose of 2-3 % of the population weight per day , administered twice per day ie morning and afternoon . Besides, it is also the condition of the feed in these waters in accordance with the dosage or conditions. That is in addition to the basic feed of the media also need to be given additional food in the form of pellets or crumbs crushed with a heavy dose of 10 % of the population per day . Administration 2-3 times / day . Actually very easy muajir feed . The rest of the vegetables in the kitchen , food scraps ,SenangPoker.com Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia etc. foliage leaves . Pest Bebe asan ( Noto NECTA ) Berba karen a danger to seed its zinc atan . Endali Peng ‘s : menu angk an ak tana miny h to perm ukaa cc/10 0 500 n water per se mete r gi . Ucrit ( Larv a cybis ter ) n sed epit fish deng ‘s bada tarin gnya hingg a tear . Endali Peng ‘s : anta s difficult enforced ; Hinda organ ik ri n baha mpuk menu in plaice kola ar m . So Kodo k n egg eggs fish . Endali Peng ‘s : serine g g egg mem buan clicking Apun g ; mena more completely and mem buan g life - life . Meny snake moan seeds and small fish . Endali Peng ‘s : lakuk an ngka pen pan ; marketing budgets kola m . Lings Mem ang mala m going to fish on the day . Endali Peng ‘s : Beru ‘s pa mpun the trap . Burun g seed Berw will Mem Arna meny trillionth ti la mera h , Kunin g . Endali Peng ‘s : given a lawyer halan g bamb yes u so supa hard Mene rkam ; given rumb ai - ai or rope peng rumb halan g . The disease generally things that can be done to prevent the onset of diseases and pests in the cultivation of tilapia fish : 1 . Draining the pond on a regular basis every Gurame Fish farming is the cultivation of a very promising with the market or even stable prices continue to rise . While the supply of carp that is not sufficient . Especially at this time farmers or cultivators carp carp is relatively slight . whereas the need is increasing.

Raising carp or carp it is a very promising cultivation . For Indonesian people are very fond of this one fish . Especially now that many restaurants or restaurant that provides and serves grilled carp carp and various other offerings . So also in the traditional markets and modern markets many selling carp ready in consumption .

Price carp are relatively more expensive than other fish make many choose to farmed carp . Businesses carp can be done in accordance with the conditions of the capital , from capital to capital besarpun small can to develop the cultivation of carp . Therefore, the cultivation of carp is open to anyone whether it is the lower